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Digital Marketing Process

Digital Marketing Process

1. Visibility
2. Bringing Targeted Traffic
3. Engagement
4. Conversions
5. Measurement
6. Retention

How Search Engine works -
Search Engine works search engine Indexing


Search engine is the Process of adding key words, domain name, important Link to a search engine database by the action of automated script know as crawler, spiders, Robots ets.

When You Are Search Database

You are not search internet you are only searching data base this is the reason why the diff search results in the diff search engine.

Tips - way back machine - to cheek google scroll your website

SERP - Search Engine Result Page

In Organic Advertising 1st Page Google

PPC - Pay Per Click
CPC- Cost Per Click
PPM- Pay Per Mile
CPM- Cost Per Mile

Google Analytics - Track Your Click IP Address 

Organic Means Through Seo My website come to google first page.
In Organic means Paid Advertising to come 1st Page google

Three Type of Visibility 

            1. Owned   -  own website
                                Social Media
                                Mobile App

            2. Paid       -  PPC
                                DBA - Display Banner Ads
                                Social Media ads
                                Email Marketing
             3. Earned    - SEO
                                 WOM - Word of Mouth 
                                 FB Likes 
                                 Viral Marketing
                                 Re Tweets On Twitter  

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